Speakeasy School of English (Londýn)

V katalógu: škôl a agentúr sprostredkujúcich štúdium v Británií (Anglicku, Škótsku, Walese, Londýne)

The Speakeasy School teaches English using the Callan Method which works fast, is fun to use and guarantees success to everyone.

It teaches English in a quarter of the time taken by any other method on the market.

Talk, talk, talk
At other schools, students spend most of their time reading, writing in their notebook, listening to the teacher and little time actually speaking. They are learning about the language, not how to use it.

But a language is best learnt by speaking it. And students at a Callan school of english answer questions all the time, increasing their talking time at least ten times over other courses.

Email: info@speakeasyschool.co.uk
Web: www.speakeasyschool.co.uk

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